Our mission is to change the face of messaging around the globe while making you look like one of the cool kids. Let’s get it FACEPOP’n



Bervick J. Deculus II

Founder of The Facepop Company, LLC. and wildly motivated in offering a new communication tool that elevates today’s messaging experience around the globe. Bervick is not only an award-winning filmmaker, but an independent businessman for over 15 years with upwards of 20,000 hours in project management for independent entertainment companies and small businesses. Throughout his trails, Bervick continues to build and tailor quality assurance plans, refine creative development processes, conceptualize and develop viable entertainment related products, services and events, and ultimately a natural innovator. Bervick’s visionary gifts maintain his creations to remain ahead of pop culture trends, and truly manage to taste make with an unmatched level of meticulosity. Bervick is a graduate of Howard University with a BA in Communications.

Jerome Henry

With 15 + combined years of consultative sales management, technical resolution, and digital advertising expertise, Jerome Henry, affectionately known as “Jerry2.0” to those in contact with him poses extraordinary decision-making, leadership and people skills. His experiences have shaped him into a persuasive negotiator with a solid grasp of business operations - a truly resourceful leader, with a high-energy entrepreneurial spirit for solving complex issues and passion for hard work. Simply put, Jerry ’brings it’ daily! His passion for management and leadership carried over from the playing field to aspirations of running his own business. Within a few years of successfully launching his first management/consulting firm, Jerry sharpened his product development and negotiation skills by solidifying recording, publishing and licensing deals with the likes of Dreamworks, Noontime Inc., EMI Music Publishing, Lionsgate, Disney (ABC, Hollywood Records) and many more. He even spent a few years developing music production software with industry giants, Big Fish Audio. A shining example of constructing teams and monetizing thought processes. After seeing projections for multi-billion dollar growth in the marketing/advertising space, Jerry quickly adopted a new career path serving a 5yr. tour of duty at Yahoo! in the sales org before venturing into the ad-tech start-up world over the last 4 yrs. In this transformational phase, Jerry has designed performance marketing and social media monitoring strategies (inception to flight) for some of the biggest internet retail brands (Speedo, Oakley, Ray Ban, Mrs Fields, Coffee Bean, Harpers Bazaar, Tory Birch, DropCam, Car Fax, Papa John’s, SkyZone, Greystar, FindLaw, Freeway Insurance & many more) to deliver on every value propositions while hitting each client’s target objectives & driving incremental value to their marketingmix - taking these brands from POCs & test budget IOs to mature marketing spend. As Facepop Co-Founder and operational strategist, Jerry lends his analytic, creative, and operational talents as one of the visionaries overseeing and cultivating the company’s brand development, strategic alliances, partnerships, and overall market positioning. Now, with the business savvy of a seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Henry has set his sights on making The Facepop Company a globally recognized symbol of excellence and achievement in the ever- expanding world of mobile messaging and digital media.

Kareem Grimes

Kareem upholds the creative direction and partnership development for the The Facepop Company, LLC. Kareem, a 20 year seasoned actor, services major companies like, Samsung, AT&T and Mountain Dew, as an event consultant and brand ambassador. Whether for sales, brand recognition, creative vetting and/or personal empowerment, Kareem's innate ability to create an impactful experience is proven to be unmatched. Due to his keen awareness of pop culture and its forthcoming trends, Kareem's ability to garner key relationships, locate product and talent with great potential is quite superior. Certainly, delivering creative needs for product development, marketing and building strategic partnerships to accelerate Facepop's growth can only come with ease. Kareem Grimes is a graduate of Cal State Los Angeles with a BA in Broadcast Journalism and Radio TV & Film.


Andrew Bellay

Andrew Bellay specializes in defining, designing, and launching new products and business units.

Andrew has led the development of the Facepop iOS app, including the difficult implementation of its breakthrough head extraction technology.

He manages a boutique dev shop, MetaNeer Labs, and his team has successfully designed, developed, and launched dozens of products since 2010. Prior to that he helped form over 220 start-ups at FounderSoup which was backed by both Andreessen Horowitz and Stanford.

His clients are small & large, public & private, ranging from the “2 man start-up” to $100mm series-B growth-phase companies and Fortune 500s: Stanford University, Corning Glass, the Sacramento Kings (NBA team), ExxonMobil, UCSF, WELL Health, Doctors on Demand, the University of California System.

Andrew's formal education includes a master of science in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University, a BS in Chemical Engineering, and a BA in Plan II Liberal Arts - both from UT Austin.

Niels Vanspauwen

Niels is a seasoned software architect and entrepreneur with over fifteen years experience. He's a generalist with extensive experience as a solution architect in B2B hi-tech software, as well as B2C web and mobile software. Niels enjoys designing and implementing simple solutions to complex problems.

Harrison Schaen

Harrison is a graduate of Princeton University with a concentration in Computer Science and English. Harrison has more than 20 years of web and application development experience. Currently, Harrison is at the helm of Issue Fixers, Corp. (development + marketing agency). Along with his virtuosities within the booming tech space, Harrison continues to exercise his multimedia marketing abilities, and business strategies for both small and large businesses that drive company growth and success.

Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson is a very seasoned and experienced senior level Project Manager. In the span of his 18 year career, he has managed projects in excess of $4,000,000 and as low as $100,000. His relevant experience and subject matter expertise lie in the areas of: Project Management, Project Management Office management, Product Management, Web Development Management, Mobile/Alternative Device application development, software/web application development, casual game development, UI/UX, Analytics, SEO, eCommerce, entertainment and client facing agency background, vendor management, budget analysis, and end to end technical documentation management.
He has led matrixed teams as large as 28 resources and cross-organizational project teams of 35+ resources within the practice areas of: Design, QA, Front End Development, Backend/db development and Technical Architects. During his career, he’s held several official roles as: Director of Site Operations (, Senior Project Manager, PMO Director, General Manager/Interactive and several consultant roles.
He began his career with interactive newspapers/classified verticals and has spent the majority of his career in leadership roles within Entertainment/Media, Automotive, Ad Agency, start-up and corporate organizations. Mr. Thompson is excited to bring his expertise to The Facepop Company, LLC.

Tim Peysar

Tim Peysar has over 20 years of experience in the internet industry. Having started out humbly in 1996 as a tech support rep for a large ISP he quickly empathized with people having difficulty using web applications that were less than user friendly. After running a tech support team for a genealogy company in 2000, he branched off to become more proactive earlier in the software cycle where he has advocated for better quality products with nearly 20 years of software testing.
Tim has extensive experience in creating and running Quality Assurance Organizations, both locally and abroad. Starting out as a manual tester at a handful of startups in the early 2000’s, Tim landed at Citysearch (part of the IAC family) where he lead and eventually managed a team of testers in the local search field. From there, he went to create and manage a team of testers at Los Angeles Times Interactive which lead him to taking the helm as the Director of Quality Assurance for all of the Tribune Publishing television and newspaper properties. It was here that he started focusing on building out automation frameworks and performance testing.
After endeavoring for the Tribune's properties, Tim ventured to AT&T interactive where he lead as Executive Director of QA, managing web, mobile, search and data divisions. At YP, Tim pivoted towards using crowd-sourced audiences to help with user acceptance and location based search relevancy.
After spending the majority of his career at internet companies in Los Angeles, he left to run a multi-national testing organization for a fintech company based in London with 17 test teams geo-located across the UK, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Serbia. Upon returning to the States, Tim worked for Connectivity, a startup located in Burbank, CA that was building a next-gen marketing platform where he managed QA, Account Management and Customer Support.
Tim is currently Director of QA at The Honest Company, while lending his breadth of knowledge and experience to an all-star team at The Facepop Company, LLC., a mobile messaging tech company aimed at changing the face of messaging around he globe!

Emad Fanous

Emad Fanous is the founder of several startups including YellowBot,, Connectivity, and Identity Labs. He enjoys programming and has served as a CTO at IAC where he ran technology and was part of the acquisition team. Prior to IAC, he also worked at IANA and the RFC Editor in addition to other services.


Charles Evans Jr.

Charles’ experience in digital marketing lends itself to Omni-Channel Media Buying and Digital Marketing Strategy; focused on direct response paid media strategy and execution across Facebook, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Twitter, Dianomi, Outbrain, and Field Test content syndication platforms. A well rounded ‘Swiss Army Knife’, Charles has parlayed his BS from UCLA in microbiology, immunology, and molecular genetics, a sport marketing stint with Red Bull and his professional snow boarder skillsets into expert level media buying experience along with multi-touch attribution and measuring ecommerce business growth using Google Analytics.

In servicing clients across multiple industry verticals, Charles has developed a strong track record of success around market research; implementing successful interested-based/custom audiences targeting strategies, and produced scalable business growth while adhering to client Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) and Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS) goals. Some of his past clients include: Elysium Health (Health), Alibaba Group (Finance), Paige Hathaway (Health & wellness), and Inboard Technologies (Technology).

As a member of Facepop’s digital media advisory committee, Charles brings all his high flying, fearless, service oriented daredevil spirit and professional expertise to the table; ensuring a more wins for Facepop. #WeDontBetOnHorsesWeBetOnJockeys

Alex Epshteyn

Alex is the consummate digital marketing specialist with a passion for ad tech, entrepreneurship, leadership, relationship building, and developing strategies that help brands succeed. Over the past 12 years he’s had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands (MLB Shop, Farmers Insurance, Teavana, Publisher Clearing House, Oakley, Spartan Race, Monoprice, Dollar shave club, Atlas Van Lines, Mendocino Farms) in eCommerce across all verticals, in addition to taking emerging advertisers and expanding their online reach. This love has culminated in partnerships leading to valuable consultancy for his clients which has given him an opportunity to positively impact their respective advertising strategies.

Alex’s years in ad tech have afforded him the ability to learn and develop a deep understanding of data management and analytics, search engine marketing, display, retargeting, social media marketing, branding, landing page optimization, programmatic advertising, publisher optimization, project management, mentorship, leadership and more -- always learning and improving the tools in his tool box that lead his teams and clients' to success.

As a member of Facepop’s digital media advisory committee, Alex brings all his passion, leadership and expertise to the table; ensuring a win for Facepop. #FacepopWinsAgain

Erin V. Royal

With 12+ years of digital media experience, Erin plays a critical lead role in relationship management and identifying opportunities to collaborate, grow and retain a partner’s account base, while exposing and implementing new opportunities. In her past and present roles, Erin’s deep ‘know how’ is on constant display, having to serve as an expert on a suite of digital products including, but not limited to Search, Native, Audiences, Video, Business Development, Acquisitions and best practice tactics in order to expand the Oath (formerly Yahoo!) product offering and orchestrate client growth leading to Oath’s success.

As a member of Facepop’s digital media advisory committee, Erin brings her delightful energy, smile, strategic and tactical knowledge along with a savage go-getter mentality. #FacepopWinsAgain